Inspired by Night. L E May’s Debut novel. Some thoughts…


I do like me a good romance novel every now and then.

Alas… this was it.

Seriously though. When L E May first appeared on my radar I thought “Great! Another One!” referring to an insurmountable sea of authors just clamoring for my credit card’s attention.

But she seemed like a nice person. And besides, her book is being published by Xcite books, the same people that brought me Danielle Austen’s steamy works.

So she can’t be all that bad, can she?

I have to admit, I went into main character Olivia’s story expecting sex by the bucket loads.

Bah! What did I know?

Not a lot. See, Inspired by Night is not your average, poorly written two people meet and two people fuck fare that you encounter ad nauseum on Amazon’s pages.

To be frank, you have to wait quite a while till you get to the steamy bits.

Not that the journey there is the worst ever. In fact, I found Lady May’s story telling to be, shall I say enjoyable? Or just flat out say I loved it? Yeah. Let’s go with the latter.

She has a way with words that puts you at ease, brings you your tea, tells you to put your feet up and simply enjoy the story being told.

And enjoy it I did.

Yes, the sex does not flow so much as I had hoped it would. But the wait is worth it. When the sparks fly, they fly.  And the build up to that is quite nicely executed too.

Ok. I am rambling now.

My final verdict?

As far as romance goes, it was a good story told with charm, and certainly a lot of love by the author for her work.

I easily score this work 4.5/5.

Find it here

Visit L E May’s website over here

And find her on Twitter here

And here you find her all smiles at a book signing she did.

ms may


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